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:::Governance :::


API GEOPHYSICAL COMPANY is committed to full disclosure, detailed explanation of its business model and results, and complete transparency in all its financial reporting and other public disclosures. API's strong and integrated three-member Board of Directors, including the CEO. API's board members are respected in the business community, have accumulated relevant industry experience and other skills from a range of business disciplines - including the seismic sector, corporate finance. They are committed to upholding the highest corporate governance standards. All of the directors are active in important corporate matters and have a strong record of board meeting attendance and participation. To oversee the development, implementation and enforcement of API's corporate governance policies. .

:::Governance Overview:::


•Business Principles and Code of Ethics.

•Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices .

•Board of Directors’ Mandates.

:::Committee Mandates:::


•Audit Committee.

• Environment, Health & Safety Committee.