Seismic acquisition is the process of collecting seismic data, Because of its ability to produce images down to depths of thounsands of meters with a resolution of ten of meters, the seismic method has become by far the most commonly used geophysical method in the oil and gas industry.

API GEOPHYSICAL specialty as a company is the application of structural Colombian geology to exploration and production problems we have many man-years of experience interpreting 2D and 3D seismic data.

Our experience as seismic interpreters means that not only can we prepare data to our clients' specification,we can also prepare and test:

•quality check fault correlations both laterally and vertically between horizons.

•evaluate geological consistency of interpreted horizons.

•verify fault linkage patterns and kinematic coherence between members of a fault array.

•quantify fault displacement and growth histories.

•assess viability of interpreted fault geometry.



• Workstations dual Screen.

• Licences Geographix from LandMark.