Typically, such method consists of two different kind of measurements: the total intensity of the local magnetic field and its vertical gradient. Moreover, detection of metallic buried waste using magnetometric surveys is advantageous for the low cost of its non invasive execution, and the rapidity of data collection and progressing. The exploration and localization of hazardous, toxic buried waste with only magnetic signature, depends on the depth of the target and on the material the hidden body is made of, since a nonmagnetic:::Magnetometer ::: an instrument for measuring the characteristics of magnetic fields and the magnetic properties of substances (magnetic materials). A distinction is made among instruments for measuring field intensity (oerstedmeters), field direction (inclinometers and declinometers), field gradient (gradiometers), magnetic induction (teslameters), magnetic flux (webermeters, or fluxmeters), coercive force (coercimeters), magnetic permeability (mu-meters), magnetic susceptibility (kappa-meters), and magnetic moment. Spectral analysis of the observed magnetic fields yields the following SAM geophysical responses: (i) total magnetic intensity (TMI), (ii) total-field magnetometric resistivity (TFMMR), and (iii) total-field magnetometric induced polarisation (TFMMIP). This paper will discuss only the TFMMR part of the SAM response. The Sub-Audio Magnetics (SAM) method is a high-resolution electrical technique that derives information on sub-surface electrical and magnetic properties by introducing an electric current into the ground and measuring the total magnetic field changes on the Earth surface at a sub-metre interval via an optically pumped magnetometer. One parameter that may be derived from any SAM survey is the total-field magnetometric resistivity (TFMMR). To date, there are few quantitative interpretational schemes for deriving resistivity from TFMMR data.

API GEOPHYSICAL specialty as a company is the application of structural Colombian geology to exploration and production problems we have many man-years of experience Geoelectrical

Our experience as seismic interpreters means that not only can we prepare data to our clients' specification,we can also prepare and test:

:::HARDWARE & SOFTWARE :::Ground Magnetometer.


• Workstations dual Screen.

• Proton Precession Magnetometer / Gradiometer / VLF (GSM-19T v7.0).

• Proton Magnetometer with GPS Options.

• 2-D Magnetotelluric Sounding Processing Software.

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