With High speed connectivity we can offer solutions and processing with complete suite of seismic data processing technology. With its large computing power and local technical expertise, the center processing is able to complete the largest PRESTACK TIME and DEPTH MIGRATIONS projects. The Center also has SeisUp and PromaX, which are fully interactive, standards compliant, seismic processing system designed specifically for processing large volumen 2D and 3D surveys botth land and marine.



•SGI Altrix 350 - 32 Nodes Cluster, 100 Terabytes.

•12 Workstations.

•SeisUp - Advance Seismic Processing Software P and S waves Processing.

•Promax - Seismic Processing Software Landmark Subsidiary.

•Geographix - Allows for rapid 2D and 3D seismic interpretation integrates all of your prestack and poststack seismic interpretation tools in one database, Landmark Subsidiary.

•Onmi 3D - Seismic Design Software - Gedco.

  • Spanish version