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rack without help without breaking my back

How can I lift a 38kg hang glider wing on to my van's roof rack (without help) without breaking my back?Hi, I fly a microlight, the trike of which fits nicely in my van (see link). As a matter of fact, I have been working on a roller solution based on something I saw online about a method for lifting a canoe by placing it parallel to the van, lift one end first and put it down on an outrigger, then lift the other end, then push both across from outriggers on to hermes replica the main load carrier. I even have the rollers from a dumpster (aka skip). I thought of mounting one roller on a frame welded to a wheel lock of the type used to immobilise an illegally parked car. Fact is that all of them are pretty great how much is a hermes handbag and yet none of them is replica hermes birkin handbags the one I am going for, for various reasons to do with teh construction of my car. I'm not sure it fake hermes kelly bagd halves the load, as would have been the case if I had done it re design's way, but it makes things much more controllable (and it is as good as having a second person, almost.

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