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Makers Bolster Polycrystalline Silicon Manufacture

China's polycrystalline silicon production continues to grow despite cost challenges.

China’s polycrystalline silicon industry is making progress in achieving self-sufficiency as demonstrated by the expansion efforts of Roads Of Rome: New Generation local manufacturers. The National Development and Reform Commission estimates this Following a Diagnosis, A Patient Advocate Can Help Lead the Way will be attained in the next few years as the country’s output is projected to hit 290 million tons in 2014, with a 16 percent CAGR in 2010-14.

Golden Concord Holdings Ltd, which operates factories in Jiangsu province, will raise capacity to 46,000 tons until end-2011. It has forged partnerships with Trina Solar, Suntech Power and JA Solar.

After turning out 4,117 tons of polycrystalline Roads Of Rome: New Generation silicon last Roads Of Rome: New Generation year, MCC aims to boost production scale to 10,000 tons.

Companies, however, are still facing challenges in raising output, which can lower manufacture outlay. The majority of China’s 30-strong supplier pool trails foreign counterparts in terms of production efficiency. Operation costs among the world’s top makers range from $20 to $30 per kilogram, whereas it is $50 for local companies. The steep overhead is inevitable Roads of Rome: New Generation Game Download as most enterprises cannot reuse SiCl₄ and have high power consumption, typically at 180kWh.

Local yield reached 45,000 tons last year out of an 85,000 capacity. About 47,500 tons, which represent more than half of local demand, are imported.

Solar cell production lines will number 740 this year, according to the China Energy Investment. The production capacity of solar cells and modules will reach 30 and 33GW, respectively.

Equipment manufacture is also gaining steam. At present, 70 percent of machines such as ingot furnace are made locally, although upscale types, including hydriding furnaces, are sourced from foreign providers.

To boost turnout further, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released standards on the production of polycrystalline silicon. Under the guidelines, enterprises are called to Roads Of Rome: New Generation increase output of environment-friendly, energy-efficient yet high-precision variants and adopt cost-effective manufacture processes. This is likely to affect companies employing the Siemens method, which does not meet the new requirements.

Golden Concord, the world’s third-largest polycrystalline silicon maker, has upgraded its Siemens process and silane mass production.

The directive also specifies recycle rates for SiCl₄, HCl and H₂.

Makers are boosting output of polycrystalline silicon despite challenges.

China makers of solar cells are stepping up expansion efforts to take advantage New Tools and Technology For Laptop Diagnostics and Repair of climbing demand. The largest manufacturing base Diy Outdoor Kitchen Design Plans for the line, the country produced 8,000MW of solar cells or 50 percent of the worldwide volume last year.

Suppliers estimate the country’s capacity will reach 18GW by end-2011, from 8GW last year and 6.5GW in 2009. Europe remains the key market, representing 81 percent of global requirements. North America and Asia, which are entering a fast-growth phase, are expected to follow. Worldwide PV installations rose to 18.2GW, surging by 139 percent YoY in 2010, according to market research company Solarbuzz.

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd raised capacity to 2,000MW in 2010, surpassing First Solar of the US and positioning itself as the biggest manufacturer in China and the world.

Fellow maker Suntech Power has Free Illinois Obituary Search Online also been topping the Why you Need to Hire WordPress Developers for WordPress Customization US player since 3Q10, relegating the latter to third place. The fourth in rank is another local venture, Yingli Green.

This year, JA has entered into an agreement with the local government of Hefei in Anhui province to Roads of Rome: New Generation Game Download build a factory for solar PV products. The first phase of the construction will commence before the end of the year and operations by 2012. The targeted annual capacity is 3GW. Recently, the company started operating its 20 new production lines.

Suntech Power and Yingli Green, meanwhile, are penetrating the vertical industrial chain through silicon slice processing and by opening power stations. This is to lower costs and widen profit margins.

In addition to rising demand, China makers are looking to benefit from new opportunities. The Japan government, for instance, may plan to install a 1GW PV system where the quake happened, according to Digitimes Research. In Europe, higher electricity prices may push solar energy adoption further.

To keep up with these developments, the local industry is waiting for R&D on Roads Of Rome: New Generation and production of PECVD equipment to gather steam after the first local one came out of Shanghai. The supply of the high-end machine, which is key to the manufacture of thin-film solar cells, remains dominated by Applied Materials.

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